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At ASIATEC DISTRIBUTION, our business promises to serve the global marketplace with high quality, good pricing and top managed services and Web Solutions & CLOUD Software DPMS - ERP/CRM solutions..


We recently have setup our Asiatec Consumer Division for distributing through our 50 Asia Pacific Channels and Agents, for our Asia Pacific Markets and Channels.



We are a major Distributor, Supplier & Technology Publisher for Enterprise Internet Businesses :




iPhone | iPad Application Development




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* Mobile Gadgets, Buy Back, Pre-Owned and Used Gadgets
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* Cisco Cat Switches and Integrated Routers

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- WordPress, Marketing, and Development

Free Wordpress Consultation Services


PUBLISHER OF EHOTELADVISOR.COM - The Asia's Pacific Best Hotel Reviews and Tourism Medical and Entertainment

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We are developers of DIGITAL PRODUCTS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (DPMS) Web based (ERP/CRM built-in) Front & Back-End system, (Pls. Check out the actual web based system) includes front and back end functions to manage digital products like;  e.g. eBooks, Video and Audio trg packages, and various internet PLR products , and personal internet coaching with internet presence branded as: “Easy Cash Secret”  you may want to follow us at:   and  find new postings on facebook :    alternatively our Wordpress Asiatec FREE Membership HUB  is :      and you can also find latest postings of digital ebooks and programs on   






Find out more about Our Web Solutions (Marketing & SEO/ SEM) & Internet Training / Consulting


Asiatec Group of Companies comprises of 3 Main Core Business Pillars :

  • General Trading, Import, Export and Wholesale Distribution of : Health Products, Hair & Beauty Products, Electronic Products, Gadgets, Accessories for various Mobile and Consumer Products.
  • Network Hardware Distribution, Stockists and System Integrators for various Brands e.g: CISCO, FUJITSU, etc
  • Professional Web Content and eCommerce Store for Portals and Corporate domains, Services includes : Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Campaign Marketing Consultants, Internet Advertising, Content and Product Management System.

    And ClickBank Products & Adsense Business Packages.

    You can get some professional Contents and Articles from us to complete your website or marketing campaigns and programs Click and choose from our collections below: